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Due to the loss of our programmer, we are currently looking for a helping hand at short notice!

Are you as crazy about handball as we are, ideally also a goalkeeper (not a must, nobody's perfect) and do you know the Angular framework or know someone who knows someone...?

Then contact us:

Are you looking for a modern (digital) and customizable way to analyse throwing patterns?

Then you are exactly right with our web app "Handballgoalie"! It allows goalkeepers - as well as goalkeeper and head coaches - to perform a precise and customizable throw analysis of the opposing team before, during and after the game.

The analysis of the shots can be configured 100% according to your needs or ideas and you will not only gain important insights into the throwing behavior of the opponent, but also win the game for your team!

For goalkeeper and head coaches, data of their own goalkeepers, such as the save percentage, can also be tracked and evaluated in a separate goalkeeper analysis. In addition to the use for game preparation and during the match, "Handballgoalie" can afterwards also provide information about improvement potentials in the (own) goalkeeper's game and following training contents can be adjusted to it.

As handball goalkeepers ourselves, we know best how important our position is for a successful team. Studying and analyzing the opponent's shooters is extremely important to be able to perform at a high level. Therefore, don't leave anything to chance, prepare for your games with "Handballgoalie" and make your opponents despair!